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About Bridget Punsalang:

Bridget Punsalang is a tattoo artist, master henna/mehndi artist, and custom artist in Clifton Park, NY. She has
been an artist her entire life, focusing on art and design throughout her schooling. She has excelled and been
recognised for her vision and talent on several occasions throughout high school, college, and her professional
artist career.  

Bridget has been a professional henna artist for over 10 years, doing more than 100 weddings in the Chicago and
Albany, NY area as well as in several other states across the U.S. She travels frequently to henna conferences,
artist gatherings, colleges and other institutions to teach henna, from the very basics for the budding artist, to the
complexities of the seasoned professional. Her henna art has been features in several publications as well as on
television. She now serves the Albany, NY area, in upstate, NY.

Bridget attended art school at Harper College in Palatine, IL where she focused on Fine Arts and Non-western Art
History. In 2012 she served a 1 year tattoo apprenticeship under an Albany, NY area artist, and then worked
briefly at another local shop. With the overwhelming support of other industry artists and friends, she has now
found a permanent home as a tattoo artist at Needlewurks in Clifton Park, NY. She enjoys staying active in the
local art scene, participating in art shows and contests as often as possible.

For information on tattoos, henna, or artwork, please check out the different areas of the site, or contact Bridget
directly at (847) 800-8984 for contact information, rates, photos, etc.